Hi, my name is Rajko

I grew up in the mid 70’s in a small town in Thuringia, right in the middle of Germany. After the wall came down i found my way through Göttingen and Berlin and finally came to Hamburg where i still live today. I started doing my first video projects already at the end of the last century. I’ll never forget the day when i got my first iMac. It was the beautiful G3 Blueberry. I started to get pixel moving and made my first animations. Today i’m an experienced and innovative video specialist bringing forth a true passion for capturing life’s moments through a lens and lovingly curating pixels for digital projects, committed to the ultimate satisfaction of a client and adept in using the most up-to-date video hardware and software. I’m looking back to more than ten years of experience working in agencies and more than five years working as a Freelance Videographer on over 500 projects.

Shaping your digital image

No matter if its content for Social Media, classical Ads, e-learning, Content Marketing or the video presentation for your latest project – i can help you make it shine.


Creative Directing

Concepting and writing projects is the fundamental of every production. Over the years i learned how to address people with video and put smiles on their faces.



I learned the basics of camera work in Grone Business Academy Hamburg and did my examainations at NDR Hamburg. During the last years the development of the technology was incredibly fast but i managed to keep myself up to date in using the most recent camera systems. I'm also a certified drone operator.



As an audiovisual media designer i studied the classical editing techniques and combined them with modern styles. I'm also a visual artist using 3d, motion design, animation and i do video retouching.


For any inquiries please email